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For Companies

WorkoSolutions Interim is the solution you need. Temporary contracts cover all situations. It is a flexible and rapid formula for quickly having suitable human resources.

Why to choose us ?

Every day, our numerous customers tell us about their recruitment needs and, every day, we find competent collaborators for them :

  1. To adjust your workforce: You need the best skill, in the shortest time, with the guarantee of a follow-up of the mission.
  2. In order to integrate a new employee: A successful interim assignment can lead to the integration of a new employee into your company.
  3. In order to assist you in managing your staff: Because the management of non-permanent staff generates administrative difficulties of all kinds, we can take care of all its aspects: Labor contracts, Social declarations, payroll, leave management …

Did you know ?

All our consultants are professionals in your field. They know perfectly your activity and your technical requirements. They also possess a perfect control of the temporary labor market. They will allow you an extended search and a saving of time during your recruitments, thanks to an excellent pool of candidates.

The Benefits of Choosing WorkoSolutions Interim :

“Selling” a product well, knowing how to argue, convincing your interlocutor is not necessarily an easy exercise. You must first know your product well and then master the best sales techniques.

Target: Job seekers, new graduates, existing salespeople, etc.

For employees

Target: Job seekers, new graduates, existing salespeople, etc.

  1. An immediately operational solution and which ensures the best match between the positions to be filled and the professionals available.
  2. Simplified management: you take care of nothing, once the profile of the position defined, your management is limited to an invoice.
  3. The competence and experience at your service guarantee the effectiveness of the service: training, motivation, prevention, quality research.
  4. The cost of the temporary work is perfectly transparent and determined before hiring.

WorkoSolutions Interim: the partner of your career.

By choosing WorkoSolutions Intérim, you will develop your skills and evolve towards the most sought after jobs by companies.

With Workosolutions Interim, you will

  1. Experience rich professional experiences
  2. Quickly develop your skills
  3. Take advantage of professional follow-up and benefit from adapted training