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Our greatest satisfaction will be that companies and candidates find in WorkoSolutions and in a multicultural company the service sought that meets their expectations.
Youssef Souli

WorkoSolutions Manager

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Executive Search & HR Consulting

Since 2005

WorkoSolutions is an expert in recruitment consulting and Human Resources.

We propose to support companies in establishing the best HR strategies to adopt in order to maximize their profitability, and candidates in the management of their careers.

We are experts in the acquisition of talents and potential, and have an experience of about twenty years on the international market.


We work with an ethical charter that guides us all the time in our work. Our moral values are omnipresent, make our personality and mark the ground for all our decisions.

On the one hand, we commit ourselves to adopting the rules that flow from it and, on the other hand, to assuming our responsibility towards our clients and candidates.

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