HR Services

Managers’ Evaluation

How can we understand the career of our senior executives? Because leaders are your most valuable asset, you need to be agile with them. We help you define a mapping of the current and future skills of your management team, and anticipate your succession plans to foster your responsiveness and your position in the market.

Workosolutions’ business is also to accompany companies in the evaluation of their Human Resources, mainly managers and senior executives, whatever the level of position. We are specialized in the accompaniment, the piloting of the human, the evaluation of the competences and the motivation, and all the actions associated with the strategies of change.

Whatever the starting need, WorkoSolutions helps you to analyze it, to identify it and to define with you the modalities of a tailor-made collaboration.

Possible fields of intervention:

  • Finalize recruitment or internal  promotion.
  • Accompany a collaborator in difficulties and / or demotivated.
  • Evaluate the existing potentials within the company to better anticipate.